Sunday, March 25, 2012


He/She without sin… Cast the first stone. 
Why is that when people offer their opinion about my wrong they never consider their own? 
Why is this skirt mid quarter cut of my thick thighs more symbolic of hell than your sick call out of work lies? Why is my Sapphire Blue Eye Shadow seen as being darker than then the places you like to go, and even more your conversations  of undercover situations  you’ve been keeping on the down low.
 As a single woman the minute I say “YES!” to dinner and a movie I’m a sanctified hoe, but yet your legs stay wide open while on the front row as if you’re inviting  the Pastor to an 11 AM “Wanting to lay hands on Him” peep show… 
I sing in the choir and notice your skirts get higher so please don’t say it ain’t so… plus her son resembles YOU pastor and it ain’t like everybody don’t know! 
Ain’t NO FOLK like CHURCH FOLK no matter where you go!
 Even with this foolishness God still gives me strength to grow… And grow I will, my life is predicated upon His Grace and Mercy not the rolling eyes and farfetched lies blended with the animosity I feel. 
On the other hand, as a man I just don’t understand… 
Why is it when I don’t do it like you want me to I’m “OPPERATING OUTSIDE OF GOD’S ORDAINED PLAN”? 
 You think my Sunday Worship Service tears over the years falling down my face mean something’s wrong in my life… 
Why couldn’t they mean “God I thank YOU for letting me know I’m alright, and even though my earthly friendships are looser than a baby tooth, YOUR WORD ASSURES ME MY CONNECTION TO YOU IS VICE-GRIP TIGHT!” 
I use to party in the club and they always showed me love; it wasn’t until I got in the church I had to fight, Sunday School Smack Down and TAP OUT BIBLE STUDY WEDNSDAY NIGHT! 
Christians killed Jesus, let’s not forget that! 
More than a title CHRISTIANITY is a lifestyle teaching us how to LIVE, LOVE AND ACT! 
More than judging the clothes I wear and how much I DON’T have on, let’s LOVE HELL OUT OF FOLKS, this is where the CHRISTIAN CHURCH HAS GONE WRONG! 
Wrap your arms around my neck, rather than your condemnations when I say “I’m not ready yet…” 
Jesus stood at the door of YOUR heart patiently knocking, how soon they forget, is always so shocking… Your light will certainly shine all you have to do is “Let” not “MAKE IT” offer a guiding stick of love and kindness and see don’t the blind take it! 
Love doesn’t hurt people, PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE AND I SAY IT ALL THE TIME; give folks a warm slice of love from the toaster of your heart rather than a hot biscuit of judgment from the oven of your mind. Watch God manifest himself in their life and bring the peace they couldn’t find, and now you understand it’s NOT about YOU, it was always His purpose by design.
NuffLove. NuffCed. 

Monday, March 12, 2012


Frustrations traveling in vehicles of conversation in Pointless rotations CAUSING blood pressure elevation…
Arguing match numbered sequence FINAL DESTINATION…
Fate brought us here…
Spit flames of profanity while standing on a battlefield of verbal razor blades slicing our hearts through passion of insanity…
Argumentative viewpoints of vanity needs packed under superficial desires/ character assassination as rolling eyes WHISPER LIAR….
Apologies for allergic allergies to BS and non-sense,
Excuse my neck rotating jaw droppin gum poppin NEVER SHOULD HAVE FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU COMMENTS…

Written By: Cedrice NuffCed. Brown

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I use these words as means of expressing what I feel inside.
It's been said "Men Cry In The Dark..." I agree the darkness that fills the corner of their hearts.
Many men suffer from depression of different sorts and end up drowning in tears of issues they feel alone in.
Though our "Issues of Life" have the propensity to take us on an emotional roller-coaster ride through loops of hope and let downs WE STILL GOTTA FIGHT!
If you've ever seen a person drowning in a movie, you've seen them reaching out for something to hold onto even though in elementary school we're taught the physics of water.
LOGIC doesn't stop the individual from hoping that a grip of some sort will form aiding in safety.
 Every poem I utter as spontaneous as they come serve as an aquatic grip through the metaphorically peaceful, yet turbulent river of my life.
 I'll continue to form grips for myself and others until God calls my name to take the "Promise Land" plunge.
Contrary to popular belief of the destruction from the dreadful drop at the end of the waterfall I'll still LIVE!
Gracious thanks to the “Life-Vest” around my soul courtesy of Christ Jesus!
NuffLove. NuffCed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living Outside The Box
What I wouldn't do to get outside of these 4 walls…
Prayers offered up and symbolic of my luck feel like heavenly blocked calls.
Trapped/Emotionally-Strapped/ mind in a full-nelson even though my heart has already tapped.
View the astonishment in my deep brown eyes like Penny on the episode she got viciously slapped by false hands of love formed by true lies.
The walls of this box are closing in on me and at times in my mind, searching for peace I can’t seem to find I'm unable to breathe…
The coward Negro exclaims "IT'S TIME TO GO!”…
(Ephesians 5:25 …I’ve hid in my heart to help me believe.)
Words come down like a thunderstorm with hail beyond rain I never thought a broken heart torn apart trying to mend would bring about so many contracting mental labor pains.
To live outside of the box of the frustrations I’m facing would be so relaxing, shucks who am I kidding I’m connected to cardboard living even sounds ridiculous "thinking" let alone to outwardly mention.
Just imagine being able to LIVE, LOVE and GROW without corners of stress and the stench of puppy love piss of unhappiness…

I wish I could live outside of the box…

BY: NuffCed.
(Inspired by REALITY)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reflecting over silent voids in our minds we become discouraged sometimes...this is even truer during the 24 hours within the day of Valentines. 
Mentally searching within a person for a PEACE which proves impossible to find…
 Not sure if we should post a “CLOSED” SIGN on our hearts or a “ROAD CLOSED” sign on our minds… As salt pass through an hour glass sad times slow down however happiness fleets fast. 
Questioning every “YES” I gave over the decisions I’ve made. 
Emotionally sick over the last relationship which turned out to be as exciting as a 5 hour delayed USAIRWAYS trip causing me to miss my much needed vacation cruise ship!  
The heavy part on your heart is how your “Agent-Partner of Love” acted as if they didn’t give a flip! 
Now you’re standing and demanding answers today while your heart cries in wonder how could they just walk away? …
 I for one could never explain why folk play the silly games they play anymore than I can take your loneliness away on Valentine’s Day… 
BUT! …there is one thing I would like to say! You’re a phenomenal woman in every sense of the word, and there hasn’t been one prayer uttered that God hasn’t heard. 
Your heart is lonely because He’s preparing a man for you only, one that will worship the very ground you walk on, an Etta James “Sunday kind of Love” who’s mindset is full grown. 
 He may be BIG or he may be small but one thing for sure he’ll catch you before you fall and there won’t be NOTHING left uncovered as he’ll be able to DO IT ALL. 
So don’t get depressed because others haven’t stepped up… God is an AWESOME CREATOR, and plus it takes time to make REAL MEN LIKE THE FEW OF “US”!

NuffLove. NuffCed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In the beginning things were like scenes cut from movie screens/you had a smile that was only seen displayed by beauty queens and in love like Jr. high school teens... Writing your name in fashion as if mine was yours now of course "This is not gonna be something that last forever!"... is what they all say, but now what they don't know is my Momma taught me how to pray/I did just that after we had been talking on the phone all night into the dawning of a new day!

Do you like me? Check "Yes", "No" or "Maybe"... This was for the insecure folks that we later found out that they were "Crazy" Holding conversations for hours hoping nothing will end, feeling so good about the person you're trying to hook up your friend with his friends... "Man I miss the lovely bliss from "The Beginning!"